Welcome, fellow snowdrop hunters.

I have decided to start blogging in 2011. Largely because I enjoy putting my thoughts ‘out there’ into the big wide world. Up until now I have used a popular social networking site for this purpose but on the whole, I have found it to be an unsatisfactory and disappointing experience. So, armed with my laptop (for longer posts) and my much loved iPhone (for convenience) I am now blogging. I hope it will turn out to be a fulfilling and enjoyable venture!

Why “looking for snowdrops”? Firstly, because I have come to adopt the username ‘Snowdrop’ of late. Partly because of the need to move away from a previous username that meant my online presence was too easily recognisable to my ex husband and his supporters, following my having left my marriage almost a year ago. An unpleasant business that continues to haunt me, sadly. I chose snowdrop because there were many just coming out at the time and therefore this little, simple flower came to signify hope and promise for me, in what was a very bleak time. Secondly, because I find myself sat here, on this, the 5th of January 2011, looking once again for that little flower, that glimmer of positivity that I find myself in need of once again.



About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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