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I’m a bit of a crochet fanatic. In fact, I’m fanatical about pretty much all things crafty, but crochet is my favourite and has stood the test of time with me, where other crafts have fallen to the wayside. Much to my dismay, I seemed to loose my mojo for the best part of a year following the life-changing events I went through. However, I’m delighted to have announce that I seem to have found it again, and boy am I pleased.

I first learnt to crochet at age 8, after being introduced to it by my elderly Great Aunt Mavis. The details surrounding how she came to teach me are vague, and actually I could tell you very little about her other than where she lived and what her name was. I can barely remember what she looked like and can only recall having visited her with my Mother once or twice, but she passed to me a wonderful gift that I will always treasure – the gift of crochet.

My first project was a simple increasing granny square, in multiple coloured rounds, that ended up about 2 foot square. Of course, Great Aunt Mavis helped me to ‘cast on’ this project initially and guided me through the first couple of colour changes. When it was finished, I placed my much loved hamster’s cage on it. Sadly, it has long since become lost, but I remember it well. Also sad was that Great Aunt Mavis passed away and I never got to thank her for introducing me to such a wonderful, versatile, enjoyable craft.

I will add more of my WIP (work in progress) at a later date but for now, I’ve been working on some 12″ squares which I will work together later to make an afghan. 3 squares down and halfway through the 4th, I hope to make 9 or 12, wool permitting. I’m working with a lovely pure wool in Aran weight, hand dyed by Babylonglegs, UK. The colour-way is called ‘Vampiric Bloodlust’ – I love the name as much as the wool!

This one needs a good blocking – to smooth out the edges and make the fabric less wavy.

All of the patterns can be found for free on Ravelry.

Back soon with progress 🙂


About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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