Mammoth update time…

…because I’ve been a naughty girl and not updated my blog for almost 4 whole weeks *holds out hand to be slapped by readers*. I know, Bad Girl.

So, lots has been going on. I can’t promise that what follows will be in date order either but will try. First up, it was my birthday shortly after my last blog post. My amazing best girl took me on a surprise visit to Bath Spa which was nothing short of an incredible experience. I bobbed around in the mineral baths, had a wonderful facial and sweat it out in the steam room. It was total bliss and I’m hooked – if only I had a spare few hundred quid to go back again for the full works! Thank you to my darling best girl for making it an amazing day that I’ll always remember.

I should also bring my craft corner up to date. You might notice I say craft corner, and not crochet corner… Well, I’ve been learning how to… ehem… knit..! *shock horror* Yes really. I took a class at one of my local yarn shops and I’ve been knitting teeny tiny hats for the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit (who use the little hats in order to raise money for Age UK). Its been fun and despite my slow and awkward knitting style, I think I may just keep knitting this time. I’ll blog about my little hats with pics once I’ve knit a few more but if you’re interested in knitting your own, do check out the beginner, intermediate or advanced patterns that are available both on the Innocent Big Knit website and

Crochet-wise, lots of finished items. Another shawl (destined to be an end-of-term teacher gift), several cushions, a mirror decorated with a crochet border (a birthday gift for a friend), a set of baby booties and matching mitts for my landlord’s impending arrival next month. Lots of stuff. Too much to write about in one go really, so I’m going to be lazy and suggest that you look up my Ravelry page (snowdrop83) if you would like to take a gander. Please do!

I also took part in World Wide Knit in public day on Saturday 11th June which was such good fun. We sat out in the centre of a local town, in glorious sunshine and made loads of new friends. Enjoyed very much.

In other news… *drumroll please* … My Decree Absolute arrived!! It’s actually here!! I was officially divorced 2 weeks ago, it is such an amazing feeling. I feel like I can really draw closure on that part of my life now and start to officially move on. I celebrated with a few *ehem, ok maybe a lot of* alcoholic beverages. Here’s to the future!

On that note, I’ll leave it for today. But promise I’ll be back to post ASAP. Promise 🙂


About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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