My hook has been busy…


Sorry again for the 3/4 week gap between posts. I’ve been crocheting like a woman possessed for teacher end-of-term gifts (4 shawls completed and another something needed for my daughter’s nursery teacher yet, eek!) and also made my first ever crochet socks. My last post was absent of pictures, so here we fix that.


This is the first shawl I finished. The pattern is Cassandra Shawl (see Ravelry – sorry for lack of link due to writing this from my phone) and I think it’s got to be one of my favourite shawl patterns of all time. It’s fast, pretty and the circular shape means it doesn’t need a shawl pin to stay wrapped around you. Fab! The yarn I used on this one was Jarol Heritage DK (charcoal) which is a fantastic, luxury feel yarn with a composition of 55% wool, 25% acrylic and 20% nylon. It has a great drape and is now a firm favourite of mine.

The second shawl (same pattern, as are the shawls that follow) was much the same as the first, only this time I used Jarol Heritage DK in a burnt orange colour. Pictures don’t really do the colour justice, I like it a lot.

For the third shawl, I decided to use King Cole Riot DK, which looked absolutely stunning on the ball and I was really looking forward to using. However, it didn’t take me long to realise that I really didn’t enjoy working with it at all, the only reason I think it could be is that it’s a single ply yarn that loves to try to fuse with itself, making frogging to correct any mistakes a very frustrating experience. However, I stuck at it and to my surprise I absolutely adore the finished result, so much so, that I was very tempted to keep it for myself as I think it is the first shawl that I have made, that I think I could actually wear outside. The long variegation and the pooling of the colours makes this shawl really remind me of sweet pea flowers. I have vowed to make another for me in the future!

The last shawl is another one-colour shawl in black Stylecraft Life DK. I needed this last one to be inexpensive and quite plain. This yarn is 25% wool and 75% acrylic but I have to say, I think I still prefer Stylecraft’s Special DK which is 100% acrylic, because of the smoothness and the sheen it offers. This shawl will be finished later today, so no pic I’m afraid, but it will look very like the first pic on this page.

Finally for now, my crochet socks. This was the Comfort Socks pattern on Ravelry and I really enjoyed it. It was clear and easy to follow and result was a fantastic pair of socks that not only matched (yay!) but fit too (double yay!). The yarn was from one of my favourite yarn dyers BabyLongLegs and was a 100% merino sock yarn. I have vowed to make more and indeed have already bought more BLL yarn for the purpose! This particular pair I decided to give away as a birthday gift – I’m pleased to say that the recipient loves them very much 🙂

That’s pretty much all for now. A cycling post coming next week hopefully, to coincide with my picking up my electric bike! I’m also off to Blackpool again this weekend for another crochet break so will update from that too.

Have a great week all x


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I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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One Response to My hook has been busy…

  1. babygreens says:

    You are almost as busy as you are talented! Those are all beautiful, and I’m glad that the King Cole behaved for you in the end. Lucky teachers!

    An electric bike – how fun! You will definitely be faster than most of the traffic, even with the trailer!

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