Second post of the day (I know, there’s a first for everything…!) and thank you…

Have a few more things to get down here which I didn’t want to put in the Jam post, namely, the ‘Ta-Dah’ of yet another Cassandra shawl. One of my closest friends wanted me to crochet this for her to wear to a family wedding. I helped her choose the wool, a sparkly sequin DK yarn called Galaxy by King Cole, in the Mercury colourway. I started it 10 days before the wedding, and finished it on day 8. I have to admit, at times it was a labour of love, but I’m very glad that I gave it the effort it deserved, because the result was a stunning shawl, glittery and light. I’m afraid that in the rush of getting this finished and delivered to my friend before the wedding, I didn’t get better photos. So, Ta-dah!

I have also *finally* figured out how to add links to my favourite blogs, to the right hand side of my posts. Yay! It took a while and a couple of failed attempts! Apologies to fellow bloggers who have waited patiently for me to get it sorted.

Must also quickly mention my Lumas! Super Mario Galaxy Lumas, to be specific. My son is a massive fan. Once I found this Luma Plushie pattern on one of my long-time favourite crocheting blogs, I knew I had to make an army of them to go with the Mario Plushie that I finished earlier this year. Here they are, cute as can be! With Mario too, I don’t think I actually blogged about him… hmmm.

Must also thank GoodPurlGoneBad for the Versitile Blogger award! Very high praise indeed, I’m pretty chuffed. Its given me the kick up the proverbial that I needed to get this blog a few more readers and a bit more organised. I will indeed pass the award on, but I’m out of time today, so next time.

Take care, folks. x


About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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