Finished object Friday!!


We are full of the joys of summer here and enjoying the gorgeous weather. It’s been quite glorious, I even got my first bike ride of the year in this afternoon! It was fun fun FUN!

On to crochet… And I have a sweet little finished object for you! These sweet little cotton bootees are for a colleague at work who goes on maternity leave next week. I have since added some ribbon which has finished them off a treat! Yay!

Enjoy your weekends wherever you are and I hope the sun shines for us all!



About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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2 Responses to Finished object Friday!!

  1. I love these. I am sure they will be greatfully received! (I wouldn’t be able to part with them however!)

  2. Snowdrop says:

    Thank you! I used the Lemon Drops pattern from the book 1,2,3 Skein Crochet by Judy Crow. It’s my go-to pattern for bootees! I’ve just finished a second set for another lady off on maternity leave this week. Its a very quick pattern too, about 1.5 hours to finish both 🙂

    Bookmarked your blog too! V x

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