Having an overdue sort out!

Apologies for the lack of posting last week. And for being a day (and a week) late with my WIP Wednesday post. What can I say, other than its half term, and last week being the run up to half term was exhausting, working in a school as I do! Those are my excuses and I’m sticking with them 🙂

Sidewalk has seen very little work this last week because I’ve been sidetracked. I know. Again. So my WIP for this week is the Saltire Mystery CAL (Ravelry Link). I’m really enjoying this, despite not really having the right colours for it so just using some contrasting stash yarn (get me! How well behaved is that?). Here it is at its various stages so far.



Also keeping me from blogging this week is blog reading! I’ve been enjoying www.obeycrochet.com which features lots of hooky drawings and humour. Also www.craftsfromthecwtch.co.uk and seeing the Colour Affection Shawl KAL in progress. I’m no knitter, but I’m tempted! I may just cast on at some point, but it relys upon my finishing some of the WIP I already have on the go at the moment (again with the good behaviour! Woop!).

In reading all these lovely blogs this week, I also realised that I never did get around to passing on the Versitile Blogger Award that I was awarded by GoodPurlGoneBad waaay back in this post. Therefore, I will do so now!

First up, my thanks to GoodPurlGoneBad (MixedBabyGreens) for the original nomination. A very dear real-life friend and respected blogger who always writes about genuinely interesting and thought provoking topics. And her crafting ROCKS. Apologies I haven’t done this sooner!

Next, 7 random facts about me:

1. I’m totally (irrationally) afraid of frogs.

2. I used to breed and exhibit rabbits, at one point in time I had over 50 rabbits.

3. I am slightly obsessed with stationery, if you bought me a new pen I would love you forever.

4. My favourite singer is Josh Groban.

5. I have a small cat silhouette tattoo on my back.

6. I have to wear a bite splint at night because I grind my teeth REALLY bad.

7. Everytime I go to the supermarket I have to buy at least 2, cold Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos. They are so lush!

Next, my 15 nominations;

1. Attic24 – Of course. No crochet blog would be complete without a link to Lucy’s amazing blog.

2. CraftsfromtheCwtch – I don’t consider myself a knitter, but through Sarah’s beautifully presented blog, I can dream about all things knitty and indulge in the crochet posts too.

3. CrochetTime– A new-to-me blog with a great motto – “So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time; story of my hooky life” – I can totally relate to that! Beautiful crochet clocks feature too.

4. Natural Dye Studio – I completely, totally and utterly adore NDS yarn. And I was lucky enough to meet the lovely people behind NDS when they did a trunk show at my LYS last year. And on top of making completely awesome yarn, Amanda crochets The. Most. Amazing. Crochet. Motifs.

5. Hooked! – Another fabulous, truly multi-talented, real-life friend who knits, crochets, needle felts, and says funny stuff. Gotta love Bilgey 🙂

6. LilyGo – My favourite crochet shawl pattern designer, EVER. Easy to understand, comprehensive patterns and gorgeous results practically guaranteed. I’m a real fan.

7. ObeyCrochet – Another new to me blog. I love the hooky drawings and the hooky humour, crochet needs this awesome site fighting its corner.

8. Annaboo’s House – Another lovely, bright, crochet blog with a fantastic crochet Doll CAL running at the moment!

9. Crocheting the Day Away – Another super, bright and cheerful crocheting and knitting blog. I particularly loved the sweet little knitted elephant that featured recently!

10. Betz White – Gorgeous knitting and stunning sewing and patchwork blog.

11. ElfieMummyLovesCrochet – My closest real-life friend, now blogging about her adventures in left-handed crochet. Having failed to teach her to crochet, she took to the internet unperturbed, and taught herself. Proud of her!

12. Miss Elle Knitwear – I love this lady. She’s the epitome of cool and an amazing multi-crafter! I wish I could knit like her. She’s teaching me to spin! I have literally discovered her blog THIS MORNING – which is totally criminal of me. Avid reader from now on!!

13. Jumble Jelly – My favourite Local Yarn Shop! I don’t think its possible to put into words how much I love this place, but I’ll try. Think, Vintage Sweet Shop meets Amazing Yarn Shop and you’re somewhere on your way to understanding how quaint and cool this place is. Great workshops, fantastic wool, and the most welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t get any better.

14. Bike Style Spokane – Very cool cycling blog with loads of advice covering all aspects of cycling. A complete encyclopaedia of information that blows me away!

15. The Skinny Doll – Having recently lost rather a lot of weight using WeightWatchers, this blog helped me loads with motivation and low point food suggestions and reviews. Its a reminder to me to stay mindful of what I eat so that I don’t undo all the hard work!

So, thats it for my blog nominations. Which leads me on to say, bye bye for now!! Not sure I’ll be around on Friday for Finished Object Friday, as I have no finished objects and it will be my birthday. But I might just pop in to show you my presents!


About Snowdrop

I'm 20-something Mum of two, living in beautiful Wiltshire, UK.
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