WIP Wednesday


Here I am, as promised!

I’m working on my Sidewalk Shawl (sorry no link – posting from phone, but do look up the pattern on Ravelry if you’d like to!) in Hayfield Bonus Aran, a huuuuge 400g ball which feels lush and only set me back £9.99!! Bargain! I love the heather-y colourway too. Anyway, enough of me telling you about it, see for yourself!


And a close up…


So there’s my WIP for this week, thanks for popping in. I’ll be back on Friday with an actual Finished Object!! Oh yes… the suspense!! 🙂

See you then.

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Time to step it up…

Hello, loyal reader.

I’m back for the foreseeable future. I say that because as we know by now, I seem to have made a habit of dipping in and out of blogging and I shouldn’t promise to be better at keeping this blog updated, when I know that it’s a promise that will most likely not get kept all that well!

So let’s see, what am I working on?

I have some more needle felting to show you, I made a sweet little fox at a workshop at my lovely LYS (local yarn shop). Here he is.


I have been learning how to spin using a drop spindle…


I have some WIP (work in progress); a granny square cushion from lovely Noro Taiyo that I Bought whilst at Wonderwool Wales 2012;


And another 12" blocks blanket with Woolcake and BabyLongLegs Aran.


In amongst all that I’ve been to Florida for a wonderful holiday and I’m happily planning my wedding. I’ve been a busy old bee 🙂

I plan to pop in here again on Wednesday and do a sort of ‘WIP Wednesday’ kind of post, and the again on Friday for a ‘Finished object Friday’ visit. I’m hoping it will motivate me to get some of my crochet projects done, and also to get me to blog a bit more regularly.

Until Wednesday, then xx

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My yearly snowdrops pic

Here they are 🙂 Those pretty, pretty flowers I love so much which always promise brighter weather and spring-iness.

Also on the subject of flowers, look how gorgeous my valentines roses still are!

Not much crafting or cycling going on at the moment but I’m planning comebacks for both 🙂


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Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day!

Romance is in the air, I received a bunch of beautiful roses (only the second time I’ve ever received flowers from the Mr-To-Be!) so I just had to share…

I have been working on a little valentines day gift of my own, here he is…

And the newest love of my life… Eye Eye the Bengal…

I hope you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate!


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Needle felting fun…

Just popping in quickly to share my needle felted bear that I made in a workshop at one of my favourite yarn shops this weekend. I’m rather proud of him although at the moment he is nameless 😦

Victoria x

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I’m back!!

With my head hung in shame at deserting my blog and my lovely (few) readers, sorry sorry sorry and not even a reasonable excuse other than Life Got In The Way.

Quick fire update of the last 5 months: Luke got his statement at school (20 hrs support a week at school to help him cope with school and his Aspergers); I got a job!!! Working at school in the admin department, love love loving it!!; I got engaged at Xmas to my childhood sweetheart (wedding in the process of being planned for mid to late 2013) and finally, we are off to Florida in March this year!! Oh and we have adopted the most gorgeous (and mischievous) Bengal kitten, named Eye Eye. Phew!!

A few crafty piccies to bring you up to date on crochet over the last few months…

I finished my ‘Reflections in the Blue Lagoon’ shawl (A LilyGo pattern that can be found on Ravelry)

A Pineapple shawl crocheted for my Mum for Christmas (apologies no better pics)

A felted sheep picture for my downstairs loo

And finally a Hello Kitty Hat for my daughter.

Sorry it’s a real dash in and out kinda post but life is super hectic at the moment and I barely have time to breathe some days!! Will try to do better.

Love to you all xx

V xx

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September cycling and a ‘Ta-dah’

Well, the new school term has started and the children are back to school and routine. My 5 year old son has settled into his new class brilliantly, without so much as a complaint. Its been a big upheaval, as it is a new school for him and new classmates. Understandably difficult for any child to cope with, not least for a child who has Aspergers Syndrome (a form of Autism). Am I proud? You bet. My 4 year old daughter has also started at the same school, just one classroom down from her brother, and is finding her way, her way. She’s testing the boundaries, as a lot of children are, but is finding the whole experience exciting and new and on the whole, enjoyable. Yes, they’re both doing great and I’m sure it will continue. They certainly both look incredibly smart dressed in their matching school uniforms, its lovely to see them going in together.

This new school has meant that we have had to re-think our morning school run arrangements. The last school was further away, set back from a 60mph road and without a safe cycling or walking route, therefore the journey had to be made by car most of the time. However, the new school is much closer, so we have been making the most of the electric bicycle and the kiddie trailer! I have to say that I am loving the crisp, slightly autumnal air first thing in the morning and that in the last 2 weeks, I have completed half of the school run journeys on bicycle, another couple on foot, with just a few by car. Yay! It feels great and I’m loving the exercise!

My ‘Ta-dah’ is a lovely little amigurumi mermaid doll that I finished making today for my 4 year old. I’m really rather pleased with her. The pattern was from Etsy and was brilliantly easy to follow. My daughter is mesmerised with her!

I’m off now for a week in Cornwall. I would like to say that it is a welcome break and that I’m looking forward to it, the truth is that I’m not really, but I’m going to try to make the best of it!

Bye for now x

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